SVGN-Serve Vision Group Network was e-stablished in 2011 and worked on more than 500 projects, In Aug 2014 Serve Vision Group Network has launched own brand. The successful projects of Serve Vision Group Network are SvG Foundation and mfurniture.


SVGN - Serve Vision Group Network has a huge portfolio of investors and members which secures the parameter of stability of Serve Vision Group Network. The combined relationship between member and investor defines the strength.


Mr. Satyendra Kumar is the founder of Serve Vision Group Network (SVGN). Mr. Satyendra has been awarded more than 15 times for dedicative work in the field of social development. As per profession Mr. Satyendra is an engineer. Contact @ 9718304072

Serve Vision Group Network

SVGN is one of India’s leading business channel company. The SVGN has many working channels. The SVGN is providing the services in the field of Technical and NonTechnical Education, IT and Mangement, E Commercial websites, Real estate, Government and Private Contracts etc since August 2011. Serve Vision Group Network always turn ideas into meaningful messages. A part of this - Serve Vision Group Network also provides outstanding options for Business, Investors and Members.

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  • Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it

    ― Mr. Satyendra, Director

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